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The initiative "La Cucina dello Spirito" aims to promote the territory around Monteprandone and its landscape, cultural heritage and cuisine. Ermetina Mira, one of the owners of Hotel San Giacomo, wanted to promote this initiative dedicated to fine food and wine and monastery traditions, inspired by the figure San Giacomo della Marca, originally from Monteprandone. The event involves restaurants, hotels and tour operators and includes three cycles of events related to three precise periods: Lent, Saint Martin and Christmas.

The "Cucina dello Spirito" includes various events such as conferences, conventions, round tables, tours in museums and spiritual places, themed tours, concerts of sacred music, historically re-enacted dinners in cloisters, taste-testing and workshops. In particular, religious tours (Monteprandone - Loreto, Monteprandone - Madonna dell'Ambro) and food and wine tours on farms and wine vineyard in the Piceno area are organized.

The "Cucina dello Spirito" is also a title of a book. It's subtitle translated to "History, secrets and recipes of a monastic kitchen from Piceno to Le Marche".

The book is based on Tommaso Lucchetti's research, conducted since 2005 by the Association I Sapori del Piceno, on the ancient cooking practices in monasteries.

The book contains an anthology of convent recipes that have survived over time and a historical guide to the knowledge and arts of the pantry, kitchen and dining room of the monks and nuns, from the origins of monasticism to today.

A cultural, material and intellectual system that travelled from community to community, while constantly exchanging ideas and improving practices: a world you can discover all through this book page after page.

Ermetina Mira
She has worked for 25 years in the family run business of her husband and is known in San Benedetto in the restaurant business thanks to "Hotel Restaurant San Giacomo". Her commitment and passion have brought a personal touch to the hotel matching organizing important cultural moments with traditional monastic food and wine. She has been president since 2004 of the association "Officina San Giacomo" which mainly promotes contemporary art shows of young emerging artists from the Piceno area and other areas, hosting them in the hotel with its intellectual and exciting atmosphere. Thanks to her versatile personality, she organized many evenings with a theme: gastronomy as a cultural model and instrument for promoting the Piceno territory. The public showed remarkable interest and curiosity towards this art-cuisine match. She has been directly involved for five years with the Cucina dello Spirito with dinner events that represent the lithurgical year. The Lent event has always been a great success. The historian Tommaso Lucchetti, known worldwide, has participated in this project with his research.

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