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Culture always go well with gastronomy. This has been a motivation for Hotel San Giacomo to promote the area's wine and food heritage, by organizing various events throughout the year, attracting not only culture lovers but also people who love learning more about the roots of a territory through food. The themes of these events, which often include institutions and public entities, can cover various aspects for fine wine and food, but they are always social events tied to the lands traditions.

As a matter of fact, the Hotel hosts a number of conferences, meetings, seminars, concerts, art shows featuring young artists, and book presentations. Beginning in the 1990s there was a movement to promote contemporary art as a social-tourist cultural vehicle, involving well-known artists and art critics, by organizing many art shows. Since 1992, just to name a few of the shows: a tribute to Umberto Peschi, an abstraction with 36 Marchigiani artists (with Cage, Montesano, Toderi), "A Nudo o del Disvelamento", Ex Voto, Omnia Mutantor, Italian History, Cosmography, "Di Dolcezza Infinita", "Accesa!!! Art Illuminata", By-Pass.

As for the art of writing, the hotel has hosted a number of well-known talented writers and poets, including Dante Maffia, Umberto Piersanti, Francesco Scarabicchi, Antonio De Signoribus.

Constant research tying together visual arts, writing and poetry that clicks with another cultural activity: guided taste-testing tours, themed dinners or events connected with monastic itineraries. For "Cucina dello Spirito" religious tours are organized from Monteprandone to Loreto or from Monteprandone to the Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Ambro. Food and wine tours are also organized with stops on farms and at wine vineyards in the Piceno area.

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